About the community

Q: What is null 911?

A: null 911 is an IT Security community from Nuremberg area that gathers enthusiasts and professionals to discuss security-related topics.

Q: Why building a new security community?

A: When you go to security conferences, you come back with new ideas, new friends and lots motivation to start new projects and learn new things. Unfortunately, we cannot go to conference every week. But we should consider ourselves lucky, Nuremberg is full of pasionated, students and professionals with incredible skills and willing to share their knowledge. The community is meant to gather passionated, from every skills to reproduce this "conference" feeling and environment on a monthly basis.

Q: Why the name null 911?

A: Because it's the phone area number of Nuremberg area...

Q: What do you do?

A: The three main events organised by null 911 are listed here.

Q: What are you talking about?

A: A non-exhaustive list is available here. But in general, we want to discuss all topic related to IT security and the hacker culture.

Q: Do you have other projects?

A: Several projects are in the pipeline such as a mentoring program and a regional MISP but we first need to find members interested to participate in those projects.

Q: What language do you speak?

A: English. Most of people - if not all - in IT security and IT in general speaks English. Furthermore, considering the large amount of multinationals in the area, we decided to go with this language to attract as many people as possible.

Q: Can I join?

A: The community is free and open to anyone, no matter your background experience and skills.

Q: Can I invite friends?

A: As long as they are interested in security and the hacker culture, feel free to spread the words and invite friends.

Q: How to contact you?

A: You can contact us by either sending a mail to info<ax>null911<dot>org (you can use our PGP key for encryption) or you can send us a DM on our Twitter page.

Q: Who organises null 911?

A: At the moment, null 911 is oganised by Antonin Beaujeant. If you have some time to help in the organisation of the community, don't hesitate to contact him..

About the meetings

Q: What are those monthly meeting?

A: The monthly meetings are meant to gather IT security enthusiasts, students and professionals to share, learn and talk IT security and the hacker culture in general.

Q: When do the meetings take place?

A: The meeting should take place every last Wednesday of the month, but this still need to be decided by the community.

Q: Where do the meetings take place?

A: At the moment, we do not have a

Q: What is the format?

A: Welcoming and short introduction, then a series of talks, workshops and training (if any) then a short recap of what happen in the news (CVE, research, tech, etc) since the last meeting.

Q: What is the content?

A: A non-exhaustive list is available here. But in general, we want to discuss all topic related to IT security and the hacker culture.

Q: Who can attend?

A: The meetings open to anyone, no matter your background experience and skills. Some talks/workshops/trainings might requires some prerequesites though.

Q: How much is it?

A: Free. Except for drinks and food if available.

Q: Can I participate?

A: We encourage members (and guests) to participate and building talks, workshops and training for the community.

Q: How to participate?

A: Send us a mail to info<ax>null911<dot>org with an abstract of your presentation. If it fits the community, we will help you to create and improve your presentation if necessary, and whenever you feel ready, schedule a meeting where you can present your work.

About the round tables

Q: What are the round tables?

A: At the end of each monthly meeting, security professionals can stay to raise questions and share experience to the professional community. This is an informal meeting where people can talk with or without name/company tag.

Q: What will be discussed?

A: You want to implement a SOC/CSIRT in your organisation? Ask the round table for advices and recommendations. You don't know which scanner to use between for your penetration tests? Ask for some reviews. You've been compromised and sucessfully respond to the incident? Share your lessons learned. Any kind of topic related to security within orgsnisations.

Q: How can I make sure the information I share will not be disclosed?

A: You can't. Everything shared will be under a Gentlemen's non-disclosure agreement but technically, nothing will prevent the audience to disclose the shared information. You are a security professional, we trust the audience to calculate the risk and evaluate the benefit of sharing and information against to the risk of having the information disclosed.

Q: Who can attend?

A: The round table are for IT security professionals only.

Q: How much is it?

A: Free. Except for drinks and food if available.

About the speed interview

Q: What are the speed interviews?

A: Considering the struggle for companies to find and hire new employees in IT security, null 911 will try to facilitate the process by gathering all companies from N├╝rnberg area with open IT security positions and offering a speed dating-like experience where candidates could sit and talk a few minutes with each recruiters.

Q: When will this take place?

A: We will try to organise one speed interview per year. However, we still need to get in touch with the local companies to see if they are interested.

Q: Which company will be present?

A: The companies will be listed in the event description (see schedule)

Q: Who can attend the event?

A: Anyone looking for a job in IT security. With or without experience/skills.