Nurnberg area is home to many multinational companies and governmental institutions hiring experienced as well as junior IT security professionals. Furthermore, the region is known for it's academical institutions that attract a lot of computer students and IT security enthusiasts. We truly believe that bringing these worlds together will beneficiate each others.

NULL 911 is an open community meant to facilitate the knowledge transfer and bringing together passionated people about IT security and the hacking culture. No matter your background experience or skill level, if you are interested in this project and want to learn and contribute, join us!


  • Monthly meeting

    Each last Wednesday of the month, we meet to discuss the latest news in the IT security community and provide workshop/talks on security- and hacking-related topics.

  • Round table

    At the end of each meeting, security professionals can stay to raise questions or share experience to help each other.

  • Speed interview

    It is very complicate to find IT security professional. Therefore, NULL 911 organises hiring sessions where interested employers can meet and interview candidate in a speed-dating fashion.


The monthly meeting and round table will cover topics related to the hacking culture
with an emphasis on the IT-security matters.

  • Penetration test

  • Forensics

  • Hardware

  • Reversing

  • Incident response

  • Lockpicking

  • Cryptography

  • Privacy

  • Red team exercise

  • Malware